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Fading fast . . .

I write this as a deeply embittered, soon-to-be ex-Rucka fan. I have had it up to here

*gestures well above pointy head*

with Queen & Country, and by extension me and all of you, getting the shaft. I think I'm going to cringe my way through writing a bit of fan-fic wherein Tara stuffs Diana with semtex like a Thanksgiving turkey, leashes the estimable Mr. Rucka up with the Big Dumb Lasso of Truth and forces him to confess that he never really loved any of us in the first place and is a heartless sellout.

Phew. Feel better just venting that.

Sure, Gentleman's Game was fantastic, and heartbreaking, but not as heartbreaking as being deprived of my 'dessert book', the one I would always save until the very last of the bag to read, so as to ensure that no trip to the comic store could leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyone on intimate terms with Mr. Rucka? Anyone live close enough to give him a thorough wedgie-lift-into-swirlie combo on my behalf?

I've, frankly, never been so enraged by a comic book matter.
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