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Q&C Contest

Just in case any of you have missed this, there's a contest type thing going on where if you buy Greg's new Queen & Country book and mail him the receipt, you'll be entered to win.

Here’s how it works:

If you purchase A Gentleman's Game prior to October 15th, 2004, and mail proof of that purchase—meaning the dated receipt—to me, you will receive, automatically, an originally designed bookplate, signed and numbered by yours truly. This will be a one of a kind item, only available through this contest, and will feature original art by Steve Rolston, one of the Queen & Country comic artists.

I’ll say it again: send me the receipt proving you purchased the novel prior to October 15th, 2004, and you automatically will receive the bookplate. Don't forget to include your clearly printed name and mailing address or, essentially, nothing will happen.

Additionally, if I receive your receipt prior to 10-31-04, you will be entered into a drawing for the following:

A complete set of the Queen & Country hardcover editions, covering the entire comic book series up to issue 24. The hardcovers are collectibles, and were made available to retailers on an initial order basis only. Several of the hardcovers are difficult, if not now impossible, to find. This set includes: Operation: Broken Ground (issues 1-4), Operation: Morningstar (issues 5-7), Operation: Crystal Ball (issues 8-12), Operation: Blackwall (issues 13-15), Operation: Storm Front (issues 16-20), and Operation: Dandelion (issues 21-25), as well as Queen & Country: Declassified Vol. 1.

We’ll be giving FIVE of these away. Five chances to win. The drawing will be conducted by my daughter Dashiell, and overseen by my son Elliot. Elliot is four and a half, so you know he’ll keep his seventeen month old sister in line.

That’s the contest. Win-win, from where I’m sitting, and I even get to clear some of the comps out of my basement. What could go wrong?

So, to recap, here’s the whole deal: Buy the new novel on or before 10-15-04. Mail the receipt, along with your name and address (clearly printed), to me, before 10-31-04. You will automatically receive the signed and numbered bookplate, and you will be entered into the drawing for the Q&C hardcover sets.

And the mailing address?

I Bought the Damn Novel Contest
3527 NE 15th Ave
PMB 113
Portland, OR 97212

All you have to do is buy the novel and mail in the receipt. I highly recommend doing that.
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